Our Wedding Packages

Our ultimate goal is for you to love your wedding film as much as the wedding day itself.  We want to help capture all those beautiful moments on your big day, from the smallest details to the most grand memories!

We offer either the main NightOwls Media Team Package or the Associate Team Package.  Each package can have ADD ON Items added to them to specialize and make your package perfect for the both of you.

Our packages begin at $4295

2 Cinematographers

Up to 10 consecutive hours of filming

Wedding Film and Special Features on a flash drive

Special Features – The key moments in their entirety (the first look (if applicable), the vows, the grand entrance, toasts, formal dances, bouquet / garter, and cake cutting).


The Highlight Trailer – The most popular a la carte item add on is the Highlight Trailer.  Edited and delivered within a week after your wedding, your highlight trailer shows a quick look at your day and completely shareable online to your friends and family!  Feel free to check some of our trailers out here.

Super Slow Motion Video BoothAccept nothing less than the highest quality!  Filmed on an Epic RED camera at 300 frames per second, the Super Slow Motion Video Booth gives your wedding or event that amazingly unique experience that only NightOwls Media can deliver! Complete with props, background, your music video online and every guest who signs up at the booth will receive their own DVD.

Special Event: The Story of Us film – In short, the “Story of Us” film is a mini documentary about the both of you.
We set up a date before the wedding day and we sit down to have a personal interview with either each of you separately or both of you together, or both options. Through the interview we will discover how you met, how you fell in love, your adventures together and everything that has brought you to the point right before your marriage. We use your photographs and videos to play over your stories, making your video a personal voyage through life and love.

Special Event: Rehearsal Ceremony – The night of your rehearsal ceremony can be one of the most fun memories where everyone in your bridal party and family is preparing for your big day. This is also a great time for interviews with everyone as there are less time constraints than on the day of your wedding.

Special Event: Trash The Dress / Rock The Frock Video – This event is quickly becoming a favorite among newly weds. This is a style of wedding videography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. “Trash the dress” is the art of destruction of a bride’s wedding dress to create a new artwork that the bride would be proud to be a part of. Water, paint, dirt, anything you can imagine! The new masterpiece is formed in the creative destruction of the dress. Trash the dress is all about limitless expression. The form of destruction should reflect the bride’s personality.  The video below was a teaser and not the full video we made for them.

Same Day Edit – Have a dedicated editor with our film crew the whole day, editing the moments so you can have something to watch that night at your reception and afterward.

Watch the happy couple watch their Same Day Edit at their Reception

Additional Cameras – Manned or Unmanned

DVDs or Blu Rays – Would you like your film on DVDs and Blu Rays?

Additional Time – If any of our packages don’t cover your time requirements don’t worry, we can add more time. The packages are simply starting points. We try to make our packages as flexible as possible. If you need more time simply ask us and we’ll make adjustments to suit your schedule. If you need us to start at your home, or another location, just let us know, and we’ll stay as long as you need us.

Photo Slideshow – Now, we are more than happy to join you on your honeymoon to film with you, however, we understand this might not always be doable.  So instead, we can make a photo slideshow of your pictures that you take on your honeymoon, set them to music and incorporate them into your DVD / Blu Ray – giving you beautiful memories of you big day and the days after!  This option is available in both Standard or Premium.

Unedited – Raw Footage – This is all the footage from the entire day shot by our cameras!

Additional Flash Drives – Want more drives for your family?  We can supply them!

Full Ceremony Edit – The long form, full ceremony edit is the original way wedding videos were made, showing the entirety of the ceremony’s events.  If a disc option is chosen in your package, this edit will come on a separate disc.

Special Memories DVD Case – Gorgeously printed on a soft fabric, the DVD size (rectangle – left) or the Square book (right) case  make a beautiful addition to any package and disc!  Have something as unique on your shelf as you are!

Are you planning a strong themed wedding?  Is everything dressing up in Harry Potter robes, medieval times costumes, super hero costumes, or Star Wars armor?  Are you wanting to act out a story or make a narrative film?  Be sure to let us know,  we are very interested in doing more of these!



Contact us for your digital Package Guide including all the A La Carte Options  and FAQ.


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