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Is obsessed too strong of a word to use to describe your videographer?? Jaysin is hands down, the.best.ever! He doesn’t just love weddings, he loves YOUR wedding. From the start, he makes you feel like the most important couple in the world–like no one else in the world could possibly be getting married because YOU ARE.

I first met Jaysin when he was capturing the perfection of my sister’s wedding in August 2013. He was such a breath of fresh air to watch work. He is never pushy and thinks of things you never would have thought of to be included in your wedding video. Her wedding ran late and he offered to stay and make up the time. It was like, that night, she was the more important than anything else he might have had to do. The next day, my now husband proposed to me and my wedding planning begun. Obviously there was no question who my videographer would be. Jaysin offered to hold my supposed date until I had figured out definitively where and when I wanted to get married.

On our wedding day, my husband and I were surprised with a flash mob.  Jaysin captured the whole event and surprised us with a video of it while we were on our honeymoon. My husband and I must have watched it over and over again on our phone in Jamaica–balling our eyes out. Then there is the wedding trailer. Holy #%&!, hands down the best 5 1/2 minutes of my life. It was posted 4 days after the wedding (like, what?? you’re not real Jaysin). The full video is best described as a recreation of the entire wedding. I saw things in the wedding video that I didn’t have time to enjoy the day of. I’m so happy to have this amazing memory to hold on to for the rest of my life!!

The day after my wedding, my new sister-in-law became engaged and I am happy to say she will be using Jaysin for her wedding next summer. I hope my family finds a way to keep up this trend because I cannot get enough of Jaysin. He is so talented and deserves nothing but the highest praise. I’m OBSESSED <3

Bean & Cam (Wedding)


Jaysin doesn’t deserve 5 stars, he deserves about 100+!

From start to finish, my experience with NightOwls Media has been nothing but flawless. I cannot speak highly enough of Jaysin. I came across his work through a family friend who used him for her wedding. Upon watching some of his wedding trailers, I found myself crying my eyes out to people I had never met. Why? Because Jaysin has a unique and unmatched ability to capture the very essence and love of a couple through his videography and editing. I knew I had to book him! He has a gift I have not seen any other videographers even come close to meeting.

My wedding day was the first time I ever met Jaysin, and within moments he made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Throughout the day, he was the perfect blend of fun and upbeat, but never obtrusive or in the way. By the end of the day, my parents, in-laws, and wedding party LOVED him! I was shocked at how quickly he got us the first edit of our video. Of course, it was flawless!

I couldn’t wait to get our final product in the mail. I was absolutely blown away when I opened the box from NightOwls Media. The whole package was just incredible. Jaysin is, without a doubt, one of the most thoughtful, kind-hearted, and hard working people not only in the industry, but that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Jaysin was absolutely our favorite vendor, which is saying something considering I was very lucky with my choices, and would rate ALL my vendors 5/5.

I could go on for pages about how wonderful Jaysin is, but the proof is in his work. I will just say this: hiring NightOwls Media was the BEST decision we made in our wedding plans. You absolutely cannot go wrong with the level of honesty, professionalism, and outstanding work ethic of this company. Jaysin, thank you for making our wedding day PERFECT! I cannot wait to show off my video for years and years to come. Thank you for being the best vendor and person to work with! You are amazing!

Jillian + Matthew (Wedding)

We chose Jaysin after seeing a video on someone’s Facebook page. I didn’t know the couple, but the video made me tear up. My photographer told me “you’ll know you picked the right videographer when they make you cry at stranger’s videos”. This is true! I immediately emailed Jaysin who was VERY responsive (I don’t think he ever sleeps). We met in person, and he was so interested in our story and his personality shines right through. We knew it was a perfect match.

On our wedding day, Jaysin made me feel comfortable and like the most beautiful bride in the world. I was a little worried about having a camera on me all day, but to be honest, I barely noticed! Neither did our guests, which is a plus because it allows them to be themselves without worrying about a camera. He made it seem so natural. Jaysin was a pretty fun wedding guest, too :). He got down on the dance floor with us!

We just received our online 2 song edit, and we were completely blown away by the finished product. We knew he was talented, but he surpassed our expectations and then some. He made our wedding look even more magical than it felt. So many emotions captured just perfectly that day and I can’t stop watching! We will be receiving our blu-ray DVDs within the next week or so, and I know we will be just as impressed as we were with our online edit, if not more. Thank you so much Jaysin. These videos will be cherished for a lifetime, and it is so great to be able to relive the best day of our lives, all thanks to you!

Cali + Brian (Wedding)


I work in the wedding industry and have pretty much seen everything that videographers have to offer. Having known Jaysin for several years, I immediately knew that I had to have Jaysin film my wedding. If he was unavailable on the day I chose, I would have changed my wedding date to fit his schedule. Jaysin is that good. Jaysin has such a sense of peace about him that makes you fall in love with both him and his work. He truly loves what he does and it is evident in his craft. Jaysin adds touches to his video that I haven’t seen in any other wedding films. Jaysin even got my highlight trailer finished and emailed to me while I was on my honeymoon. You will not regret hiring Jaysin from Night Owls Media to film your special event.
Ashley + Adrian (Wedding)

10/10, 5 stars, A+. That is the best way to describe our experience with Jaysin. Its very refreshing to meet someone who is so passionate about their career. He blew us away with his video he made for us. Also, he made us feel relaxed and comfortable on our wedding day. It was like we had known him for years and we are happy to call him a new friend. We look forward to doing more work with Jaysin and we want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day that much more special. We get chills watching our video because it is like we are reliving that day all over again. I promise to whoever works with him in the future, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Jaysin!

Kelly + Mario (Wedding)

When we started out this whole wedding production, I was more than willing to skimp on a videographer to save the money. Now that we’ve worked with Jaysin of Night Owls Media, I’m like, “What else can I have him work on us with? What else needs to be taped?!?” I’m ready to pack him in my suitcase and take him on our honeymoon!

Everything from Jaysin was top notch. He had our wedding trailer done in less than a week, and it pretty much blew us away. My mom doesn’t cry at sentimental stuff, but she she totally bawled her eyes out. Which is typically the reaction Jaysin’s work gets. We actually met with him first because my stepmother cried seeing his trailer with perfect strangers! THAT’S how good he is at capturing the emotion and the moment, that you get all choked up for people you don’t even know. When it’s your own wedding? Yeah, prep the tissues; you’ll need them! And he does whatever he has to in order to get the right angle for the video – the man was laying down in the middle of the street at night in Joliet! Serious dedication to his art.

Jaysin was not only an outstanding professional, he was just the sweetest vendor we could ask for. Knowing that our wedding had a Disney theme, he added special “magic” touches throughout the videos and 100% embraced the fairy tale aspect we were trying to convey. He literally clapped his hands during our initial meeting when we told him it was “Beauty and the Beast” themed! He truly has been excited to be a part of our wedding – he even cried when he saw me in my dress the whole time! I can’t recommend him enough, and have even turned into like a “pusher,” trying to convince all of my soon-to-be-married friends that their weddings NEED Jaysin! He gave us the perfect way to remember our wedding, something every bride should have.

Amy + Steve (Wedding)

You shot my daughter’s wedding on September 29th, of 2012.  We just watched the video and I found it to be exquisitely beautiful.  To fully understand that comment, please allow me to tell you something about myself.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television Production from Columbia College as well as a Master of Arts degree in Media from Northeastern Illinois University.  For ten years, I produced and directed corporate videos, traveling all across  the United States creating video messages.  I watched video evolve from 3/4″ to Betacam to DV.  Currently, I teach Television Production at the High School level.  I point that out to impress upon you the fact that I know what quality video is supposed to look like.

The video that you shot was far better than anything my wildest dreams could have possibly imagined.  You not only have a distinct talent for being able to create quality video sequences, but you have a keen eye in your ability to edit those sequences into enjoyable and entertaining stories.  You unequiqventally  have earned my respect and admiration as an artisan and a craftsman.

James (Wedding)

Jaysin is the absolute best in the business!!! He is the most kind and caring man and will make you feel so comfortable. He is extremely passionate about what he does, and you will see this from the first time you speak w/ him and until after your wedding. He worked so hard and got every single special moment that could have been captured. He will work harder than anyone else and care more about you, your special day and making you happy than anyone else will! Most importantly… the video he produced was the most amazing, magical thing I have ever viewed… He synchs everything up so it goes perfectly with the music and picks all of the best highlights from the night. It is just unbelievable. Lastly, my fiance and I had initially decided we weren’t going to hire a videographer since we were on a budget, but changed our minds at the last minute and I could not be happier!! I cannot imagine not having this video. You can cut back on flowers or anything else, but don’t skip this. I can go on and on, but the point is.. you have to work with him!!!

Renee + Andy (Wedding)

Jaysin at Night Owls Media was bar far the BEST investment we made for our wedding day. I highly recommend using a videographer to capture the moments that pictures simply cannot. Jaysin cares so passionately about his craft and it comes across in his work. By the looks of the final product, you would think there were 5 videographers at our wedding – but Nope! Only ONE! Jaysin was running around getting all of the right shots – he is so extremely talented and creative. Trust me you will not be disappointed booking with hiim. He lets you relax and enjoy your wedding without having to worry. I really could not have been any happier. Plus, when I was shopping around for other videographers he isi BY FAR the best value for your investment. He is extremely responsive and truly listens to what you are saying. At the end of the day, he just wants you to be happy! Plus during the final editing process, he was sweet enough to make a last minute edit (which I had mistakenly forgot to tell him earlier), and he did it without hesitation. If you want to see his amazing work for yourself – here is my wedding trailer, which he turned around 3 DAYS after the wedding! I mean, UNREAL! Amazing! Thank you Jaysin!

Amanda + Rich (Wedding)

I couldn’t possibly say enough positive things about Jaysin. A videographer was very important to me personally because I just fall apart at wedding videos and I wanted to do that for my own. I watched videos created by companies that would have charged me 5x what Jaysin did, and his trailer of my wedding (which is all I’ve received so far) is far better than those others. Besides being so dedicated to his work, truly genuine in his passion for what he does and his love for weddings and love, being completely professional and meeting and exceeding all expectations.. the thing I appreciated about him most is that on a day when I barely remember details of things and feel like I must have dreamt the whole thing because I only remember bits and pieces.. he captured ALL of the important details. He took note of everything that might be important to me and my husband and our families, and he captured those things to make sure that we can see them forever even if we missed them that night. His ability to predict what things may be important to the individual couple and their family is just astonishing. The timing of our wedding was significantly off for reasons I still don’t know, but he made it work and then offered to stay later to ensure he got enough footage.. which was something you can’t think about as a bride because there are too many other things going on, so for him to approach me and ask if he should stay was amazing because I never had to think of that.. he did it for me. I really wanted to call him family at the end of the night. I can’t say enough good things.. he worked exceptionally well with my photographer. He was so respectful and worked WITH her for the most part instead of alongside her, in that he would help her get good shots in addition to just not getting in her way all night. Go with Jaysin.. he is an investment in the documentation of your love the way you wish you could put it into words. Love him!

Whitney + Chris (Wedding)

I have never seen a more dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic person as Jaysin is about his job! We were unsure if we wanted to have a video made of our wedding day at first and thought a photographer would be enough. We were so wrong! I recommend any bride on a budget who is considering this service to most definitely go with Jaysin’s services.


Jaysin filmed both my sister’s and I weddings this past summer 34 days apart. After the second wedding I felt like he was part of our family! He makes you feel so comfortable and truly captures the moment. We received our trailer within days of our wedding and were so pleased with it. It was shocking because Jaysin really does work hard all hours of the day and night. If you ever have any questions or concerns he will get back to you immediately. Even though my sister and I had videos made within weeks of each other, they were completely different and captured our unique personalities and the mood and vibe of each of our weddings. Each wedding Jaysin films is a one of a kind masterpiece!


Once we chose our songs he put together our wedding proof right away. I could not believe his work and the talent he has for getting the perfect shot of every moment. It was as if we were movie stars! The way he incorporates songs with his shots captures all of the emotions we were feeling that day. It is a keepsake we will cheerish forever.


If you are thinking about a videographer, you need to choose Jaysin. The value you will get from your video is worth triple the price you will pay for his services, which are very reasonable and affordable. You will get a beautiful DVD that captures your entire experience.


Jen + Dave (Wedding)


Working with Jaysin from NightOwls Media has been the most awesome experience of planning our wedding.My husband met Jaysin while standing up in a friend’s wedding that he was filming.He instantly clicked with him and said he was amazing to work with.That same couple invited us over to watch their finalized video and I was completely blown away!I absolutely loved his work.I knew the second I got engaged, I was going to contact him. And that’s exactly what I did!From the very first email I sent him, it was nothing but pure professionalism.He was very prompt in returning my emails and always answered any questions I had. (Believe me; I had a lot of them)My husband and I knew we just wanted to have a blast with our wedding and be completely unique.

Jaysin was super excited about all of our ideas.My wedding day was an absolute dream come true! From the second that Jaysin arrived at my house, the fun began! He captured exactly what I was feeling at those moments. I love that he shares in your excitement.They say that your best work comes from something you enjoy.This is exactly Jaysin. He was such a blast to work with.We received our highlight trailer from Jaysin 3 days after our wedding.Talk about service!The highlight trailer was simply amazing. Jaysin’s work is indescribable.It was perfect to show it to everyone!Their reactions were priceless. The talent is undeniable.

I cannot give Jaysin enough credit for his amazing work.We just received our full cinematic wedding video yesterday.We were so excited to watch it and we knew it was going to be amazing.He captured exactly what I want to look back on for our wedding day.The angles, the moments, the realism of the day was just perfect.Thank you Jaysin for capturing the best day of our lives!We walk away from this whole experience with nothing but great things to say about you.You became such a great friend.Thank you for sharing this experience with us and making it all we could have ever dreamed about.


Michelle and Remy (Wedding)

Jaysin is amazing! I have never seen someone work so hard to ensure someone else’s happiness. My husband and I could not have asked for anything else from Jaysin. He worked closely with our photographer to make sure they both got what they wanted. Jaysin literally ran behind our golf cart in 85 degree July heat to get the footage. We had our trailer Monday morning after our Saturday wedding. What a treat! Our proof DVD came in the mail less than 2 weeks after the wedding and he was more than willing to make any edits that we wanted. Jaysin was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY we paid him. We received so many complements on his work from friends, family and guests. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any bride looking for a videographer. I can’t wait to watch our video every anniversary. He has given us a living memory that we will have forever.

Becky and Rob (Wedding)

Just re-watched our wedding video from 2011 and just WOW!  I am so happy with the beautiful memory that Jaysin has left us with!  Thank you again 🙂

Maria (wedding)

Even though our wedding was almost 2 year ago, Jaysin has left a lasting impression. From the first time that we met at a Caribou i not only found the best videographer for my wedding, but also a friend Jaysin has a ton of energy and is solely dedicated in giving you everything you could need to complete that very special day. 2 days after my wedding, he had a quick wedding trailer done for me VIA Vimeo and to this day i still receive a ton of compliments from family on how artistically beautiful our wedding DVDs were. We ordered both styles of DVDS and the uncut version. It is so cool the way he made our wedding look like a movie quoting “best romantic film” on the front. I love how involved he made us in the creative process, picking songs and finding the right music for certain parts of the dvd. Planning a wedding is so stressful, choose Jaysin with Night Owls Media, he was on time, and was the last to go home. His charming personality kept me and my bridal party cool and relaxed early on in the day and his professionalism has left me with the most valuable keepsake of the happiest day of my life!

Maria + Carlos (Wedding)

We booked Jaysin based off of his work (after seeing one trailer video of someone I knew) and had not known him personally at this point. I did not even LOOK at any other videographer. I took a chance and could not be more happy with him overall. He was so easy to talk to and always available when I had a question. He helped me with other things besides the video and could not have been more happy with the outcomes. I trust any advice and any referral from Jaysin. They say you surround yourself with good people and all the referrals for me from Jaysin were “almost” as good as him! : ) In his work, you can see the love for what he does. His creativity and certain touches he adds is uneatable. Our wedding video was simply amazing. He produces only the best! NightOwls Media rocks!
Thanks Jaysin!

Denise + Brian (wedding)

Jaysin was amazing to work with.  He was professional, very courteous, punctual, very attentive to detail and always very easy to get into contact with.

We were very impressed with him by the get-go as the night of our consultation there was a terrible storm. About a half hour before our appt. I called to check and make sure he would still be able to meet us and was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was already at Starbucks—he had planned ahead for the weather and had arrived early…that was very impressive to us because he had driven all the way from Aurora to Buffalo Grove in a terrible storm in rush hour.

My husband and I selected many of our vendors based on referrals from married friend. While we didn’t know anyone personally that had used Jaysin, he was so incredibly genuine and professional that we went with our gut and booked him. And we are so happy we did!

Jaysin did a terrific job on my wedding day! He even came to take footage at the beauty salon!!! My husband was like…oh you can’t ask him to do that, that would be horrible for any guy! Jaysin was a terrific sport however and everyone commented on how nice he was and how it was going to be so cool to have that footage.

I really can’t say enough great things about this company.  I would absolutely recommend this NightOwls Media!

Stefanie  (wedding)

NightOwls Media was great for our wedding. We looked around for other videographers but most of them were REALLY expensive. With NightOwls Meda we felt like they had a great packaged price for all the great services they provided. They provided us an artistic cinematic version of our wedding and were also open to all of our ideas and suggestions. One of the best investments we made towards our special day.

Chris (wedding)

NightOwls Media was terrific to work with. Not only was the process easy up to our Wedding Day, but Jaysin helped make our wedding day memorable! Our DVD is absolutely amazing!

Nicole (wedding)

Parents – Jaysin does an amazing job. If your son is planning on playing college ball the Personal Highlight Reel is a must. Also, the Season DVD Boxset is an amazing keepsake and every player should consider purchasing it. This is going to be a great season. One we are going to want to watch over and over!!!!

Christine (athletics)

Jaysin was the highlight of our wedding! Not only is he very professional but he has passion for what he does.  I have always been skeptical of videographers bc I always thought it was a waste of money, but when my fiancé and I met with him, you could tell he just wanted to do the best work for us and make sure WE were happy! Not only did Jaysin work well with our photographer, DJ, and reception hall, but he went above and beyond what was contractually obligated and stayed an extra hour just to get more footage! We just received our proof and it is amazing! I highly recommend contacting Jaysin Osterkamp if you are looking for a videographer, best in the business!

J.A. (wedding)

We loved working with Jaysin. I chose him because of all the videographers, they seemed the most artistic. We got our video trailer within 3 days of the wedding and everyone loved it. There were so many cool shots and he really makes it fit the music you choose. We have gotten so many compliments on our video. Jaysin was so wonderful to work with, very responsive and willing to work with you. Thank you Jaysin!

Mrs. Gardner (wedding)

I was referred to NightOwls Media by good friend who also used them for her wedding. The quality and artistic talent of their work made us want to consider them for our own wedding, but meeting Jaysin made us book them immediately. NightOwls strived for our happiness and our comfort in everything they do. We were beyond impressed with the value of their services and the options they provided us with. We originally did not want a videographer, but now we couldn’t imagine our wedding without them. To have the option of a BluRay video made it all the better! Even though our wedding is done, we plan to use them again in the future for other special events. We would recommend them to anyone consider hiring a videographer.

Samantha + Mike (wedding)

We can honestly say there is nothing we would have wanted Jaysin to do differently. He always responded to our questions and concerns in a very timely manner. As for his work, it speaks for itself. Videography was out of the question for our wedding. We really did not like anything we saw and didn’t feel like it was worth the money. Then I found Jaysin… and everything changed. It turned into a must have! His cinematic style perfectly matched our vision. He took into account both our needs and the uniqueness of the venue. We can NOT say a bad thing about working with him. If you don’t use him, it completely your loss!!

Kyle & Dave (wedding)

A. Maz. Ing. Jaysin was among our favorite vendors. He was super on time, super thoughtful, super accommodating, just all around stellar. He also saved the day by producing a laptop for us to use when the hall neglected to do so as asked. And I have heard nothing but rave reviews of our wedding trailer from friends and family and even strangers who our mothers decide would like to view the thing 🙂  My friend who is a professional training video producer for a major corporation also told me that the camera work, angles, etc. really showed that it was done “by a guy who knows his stuff.” Hire Jaysin, like, right now.

Allison (wedding)

Night Owls was GREAT! We contacted them a few weeks before the wedding but they were open and they accommodated us – thank God! My husband and I agree that this was probably the BEST investment we made for our wedding – they made a video that truly captured the day. We will be able to show this video to our children and grandchildren proudly! BEST IDEA EVER!

Kimmy (wedding)

NightOwls and Andrea made our business really pop with a beautiful and very affordable company logo.  We were so happy with it that we decided to do all our printing advertising through NightOwls as well.  Business cards, flyers, banners.  Thank you so much!

Anthony (business)

Maybe I am a weirdo, but Jaysin, our videographer, was one of my favorite things about my wedding.  Here is a list of why:

1. He honestly loves weddings, and it shows in his work.
2. He is easy to get to know in your first meeting.
3. He arrived at our staging area on wedding day right on time – before I did, in fact as I was late!
4. In pre-wedding and day-of emails and voicemails, he was genuinely excited for me and my now-husband and was encouraging and supportive.  Like a friend, not a vendor!
5. Our wedding trailer was done within a week, and IT IS AWESOME.  We have received more compliments on it than anything else, and everyone is completely blown away.  Even us.  I wouldnt even need the whole video, the trailer is that good.
6. He saved the day with a last-minute equipment failure from one of our other vendors, and he stayed late to capture a couple details we wanted on tape. And send a thank you note afterwards to boot.   Jaysin is just awesome.

Allison M (wedding)


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