Welcoming the new camera to the family

Say hello to the 5d Mark III – Hello!

After renting this bad boy a few times for weddings we decided to pony up the scratch and bought one for ourselves.  The specs on this baby are too slick to mention, but let it be known that the camera, when paired with a good lens,  has the ability to “see” better in dark than the human eye and remain decent quality even when dropping far into the high end ISOs.  Meaning: It can see is very low light.

Check out this trailer from Renee and Andy’s wedding which was shot with the 5d Mark III and the Panasonic HVX205A

Also, we’d like to welcome 3 new lenses!  Specially the Canon 16-35mm L mark II which is easily my new favorite.  I will post another video soon with some test shots.


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